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Lancia Delta Test Drive

Lancia Delta Test Drive

Back in 1987 Lancia I, the WRC created. And then they went on for the next 5 years to win it.

And just to put that into perspective, someone like Subaru, who we all know and love is a rally brand. They’ve only ever managed to win it 3 times.

Ranges of Lancia Delta

And it was all thanks to this the Lancia Delta. Now, there’s been a few variations of the Lancia Delta, the first one was the H.F. and that had 128 hp. Then there was the Lancia Delta Integrale 8-valve that was 182 hp. Then we get into the 16-valve, with 197 horsepower, and the EVO one with 201 hp.

In the late 80s appeared the Lancia Delta Evo II, which had 215 horsepower. If you did buy it, knew it would cost around 16 000 pounds, although now you’re not going to find one for less than 65 to 70 grand.

I’ve always been a massive fan of the Lancia Delta, and this is the first time I’m actually going to have to drive it so I can’t wait to get behind the wheel. But first, I just wanted to have a little look around the outside.

Lancia Delta front view

This one Delta I’m reviewing is a Japanese import car. Like quite a few of the ones in the UK, the European spec had slightly different headlights. They were nearly the same size – one was slightly bigger than the other. There are a few little other telltale bits about this being a Japanese import, which will cover soon. There’s a whopping great engine under there which will be explained when we drive. It’s a fantastic engine and there’s a lot of cooling around Lancia Delta to try and keep everything nice and cool.

Appearance of the Lancia Delta

Being a big rally car, Lancia Delta needs to stay cool. As we come down to the side, 16-inch alloy wheels taken near enough straight off the rally car, which looks great. It has to have these huge fenders on the side to account for the fantastic 4-wheel drive system that it has. Also, the bonnet is raised slightly to account for the big suspension struts that they’ve got in there as well. As we come down, you’ve got the H.F. badge.

H.F. is basically like is the answer to say it stands for High Fidelity. Like you’d buy a high fidelity hi-fi system. And you might see around the car there are a few elephants, there are a few running elephants. And apparently, the story is that basically they went into a meeting room and went, right, we want this car to be depicted by an animal. What shall we pick an elephant? Because when you get an elephant up to speed, it’s very difficult to stop.

Lancia Delta HF badge

I thought it was quite cool. As we come down, you’ve got the side or pieces for the indicators. You’ve also got some venting as well. On the side of the Lancia Delta these massive wheel arches. You’ve got the wind, that comes on the Japanese import versions. Also, you have manually adjustable wing mirrors, saving a bit of weight. Probably just didn’t want to put the electronic one in a large badge on the side. This is a 4-door hatchback.

You can see the photos of Lancia Delta the car from different perspectives. You’ve also got another telltale sign that this is a Japanese import. The aerial for the European spec is on the roof and for the Japanese one, it’s on the side here at the back.

Also, this Lancia Delta has an adjustable rear spoiler. 

It has three different modes at the moment. It’s kind of in its mid mode. It can go flat or it can also go into full attack mode, which is near. And a vertical looks quite cool, especially if you’re really wanting that rally.

Lancia Delta rear view

As we come around to the rear, if you have a look at this car from a little bit further back, it looks so cool, it looks so wide and it literally just screams rally. But just for the road for the country roads, which we’ll get to drive on very shortly, you have this massive blue Integrale badge on the back. And I think with this car, it looks really, really cool.

This one has a slightly different aftermarket exhaust standard that came with this kind of rectangular little exhaust system, which didn’t sound that good and didn’t really give it. I think the sound that it deserves this one sounds a lot better. Let’s quickly show you the boots. Just show you how much room you get in here.

As you can tell, the Lancia Delta Integrale has a tendency of being a bit squeaky and a bit rattly from that day and age of cars. And I think it just gives it a little bit more character, which I love in the back. Plenty of room for shopping and things like that. You probably wouldn’t want to go on holiday in terms of taking it to an airport with loads of suitcases and squishy bags and things. Lancia decided to put the spare wheel of Delta in the boot.

Racing Lancia Delta

So that takes up a bit of room. You can take it out and there is a small hole over here. You can unlatch that and there’s a reservoir in the back for the rear windscreen wiper.

There’s also a little light in the back, which doesn’t do anything when you twist it. You have to make sure you have the main beam on the car. So the lights need to be on in the car to use the switch for the light in the back. That is a bit odd, but I suppose it’s okay for a quite Italian design.

As we come around to the side, just wanted to quickly touch on the fuel cap. It’s a cool little thing about this Lancia Delta. It just looks quite like a kind of fighter pilot. I suppose it’s got these massive studs around it. You just think we can turn it, pull it out, stick unleaded fuel only in it, and let’s jump in the back and just have a look at how much room is that. So as we get into the rear of the Lancia Delta EVO II, as you’d expect in quite a small hatchback, there’s not a massive amount of room, it’s really not that bad.

Lancia Delta engine

I mean, he wouldn’t really want to go long journeys in the back. But what I love is that they continue the Alcantara theme from the front right into the back. So you get these lovely soft seats, and they are really soft. All the doors, they’re lined in Alcantara as well. We’ll talk about these door handles in a moment when we get into the Lancia Delta, I think they’re pretty cool. Manually regulated windows in the back, although you do get electric ones in the front.

Delta’s Interior

Inside a couple of grab handles here, a few little hooks for putting shirts on or whatever, and a couple of little reading lights. When you open the doors, this isn’t really the place you want to be because the place you want to be in is the driver’s seat. So let’s go and do that now.

So here we are, in the front. And the first thing I think that strikes you is these yellow doors that you have in front of you. And when we drive, I’ll talk a little bit more about them because they’re quite funny. The way that they move. So there’s:

  • booze pressure,
  • there’s voltage,
  • there’s a fuel indicator,
  • there’s Lancia Delta engine temperature,
  • there is oil pressure,
  • there’s also oil temperature here as well.

There are another two dollars here in terms of storage, you got the little bit here. There’s also a kind of a bench. You’ve also got a glove box.

Lancia Delta interior

You get carbon fiber around the gear shifter, which I think is cool. And there’s a big old silver shifter, which feels so good, feels so, so good. I’m really looking forward to taking this out for a drive. You’ve got these incredible recolor abacuses, which really holds you. These have actually been used quite a lot in a lot of kinds of hot hatches and things like that. You’d find this kind of same seats in, say, a civic type or like the Integra type power as well.

They put them in there and they’re great. They’ve got the H.F. logo on the top with the running elephant. You’ll see the running elephant in a few more places in the Lancia Delta. Also, it’s got some visors as well. And this being a Japanese import, there’s some Japanese writing on there, which I really don’t understand. This is quite a cool little feature. They all came with a little stopwatch. And just to make sure, you know, you’re smashing all the rally stages in the correct time, it also doubles up as a clock as well.

You've got the Momo courser steering wheel. This comes as standard as the pedals as well. The driving position in the Lancia Delta is a little odd.
Lancia Delta headlights

You’re kind of a bit skewed, but it brings to the characters of the Lancia Delta. Little quirky facts about the Integrale Evolution of the Lancia Delta life story… A lot in the Lancia Delta is taken off a Ferrari E40. So you find things that are actually are not in the Ferrari. This door hatch reminds me of the same one that is in GTC. So and the way you open it, obviously you just pull it up. I think it’s awesome.

Alcantara all around you’ve got the switches for the electric mirrors down here, but the Lancia Delta is all about how it drives and how it makes you feel driving it. And with that, we should take it for a spin.

First time driving the Lancia Delta Evo. This call was born in an era of cars that were just designed to have fun. And that’s exactly what Lancia Delta does. Every time you go over a stone, you hear it in the arch. Every time you go over a bump, you can just feel it throughout the whole car. But this car just soaks it up.

The gearbox is fantastic, even to takes a little bit of getting used to. But once you really figure out where all the gears are, you can go through them. And as long as you keep those revs up past 3000 rpm to keep the turbine overpoliced you’re going to be having lots of fun. This is a riot looking down at the gate.

The great thing about this car is it’s not its design. So you’re constantly staring down at the ref counter and the speed. What you are doing is hurting around the countryside. And that’s exactly what Lancia Delta does so well after driving it for a little while. The only thing that I change in. Quite a few people have actually done this is to put the steering wheel a little bit closer to you.

Lancia Delta – a car made by the driving God

You’re quite high up in the Lancia Delta. It gives you great visibility, but you don’t feel quite as low down. And to get that real go-cart feel, if you just have the steering wheel that a little bit closer to you, you get that kind of slightly more race car feeling as we clatter and rattle down the road. That is probably one of the only things I can really say that I think would make this car a bit better. Other than that, why didn’t everyone buy one of these for 16 grand is all set as you look down and you see the fuel gauge going from full to empty, back to full again. You’re not really knowing how much fuel you really do have in the car.

Lancia Delta

It goes to show that when Lancia built Delta, they just want it to have so much fun they won’t be bothered about all these little intricacies in the car. They just wanted you to go out and enjoy driving it. Problem is, I really don’t know if we’ve got a full tank of fuel. We’re about to run out the way the suspension works with all the other components of the car, especially the 4-wheel drive system. It gives you this absolutely incredible handling go around corners, it kind of feels like it’s on rails.

And then if you want to maybe just step along a little bit, you can have a bit of understeer before. What I could probably describe as a big moment in your pants after that. And you’re going to be buying a new one because I feel like Lancia Delta makes you work for it and you’re hard on the brakes. Drop it down like a straight back on the power, making sure above 3000 rpm turbo continues to spool up. Beauty is a racetrack when you call the countryside of Britain to play it. When you saw this car on YouTube and you see the owner’s reviews and how they talk about this car so passionately.

Everything You Need to Know about Lancia Delta by Donut Media

All of it is true, all of it is true. That’s why we even go through a tunnel, just puts a big smile on your face and you know, you don’t even 40 miles an hour. And then you come out of the tunnel and you’re greeted with all these twisty, winding roads. It’s exactly what this car is built for. It’s like driving the van or as we roll down the road and it feels like everything’s about to fall off, this plastic dash just doesn’t really scream out luxury.

But every component that goes to the actual driving of this car feels like Lancia Delta was made by the driving God.