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DeLorean for sale facts

DeLorean for sale facts

Are you looking for a DeLorean for sale? Sleek, stainless steel DeLorean in the late 1970s and early 80s, the DeLorean DMC 12 became the most talked about automobile in the world.

It would briefly bring glamour to the city of Belfast, which at the time was being torn apart by a seemingly never-ending cycle of violence. But the project would soon collapse into a shambles of incompetence, deceit, and fraud.

John DeLorean, the man behind the fiasco, could charitably be described as an irresponsible and egotistical dreamer. The result – an unusual classic car, DeLorean DMC 12, and many people looking for a DeLorean for sale nowadays.

The story good to know searching for a DeLorean for sale

Most people described him as a crook. John DeLorean was originally a car designer of some epic cars. His most famous creation was the Pontiac GTO, considered a generational car in the 1960s. It was said as the success went to John, he became arrogant and lazy and was more interested in high living than producing great cars. It was also alleged that he stole other people’s inventions and passed them off as his own. According to DeLorean, he had resigned from General Motors to follow his dream of making ethical cars.

DeLorean for sale – a dream car in the past

In truth, General Motors fired him. Fast forward to August 1978 on a packed press conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland, DeLorean sat with the British government secretary of state for Northern Ireland, Roy Mason. They announced a deal that had been signed to produce the so-called dream car in civil war-torn Belfast. The government was desperate for prosperity to counter-violence. John knew how the whole world had competed to host his car plant.

DeLorean engine

Parts of it were true, but some governments had done due diligence on his plans and concluded that they were a recipe for disaster. The British government had stumped up an initial 54 million pounds with another 10 million on hand, together with a host of tax and grant sweeteners. Two years later, a gleaming new factory had been built in one of Belfast’s most deprived and contentious areas that would eventually employ 2000 people. Yet the carefully constructed myths around the man and his car had already begun to fall apart. On one side people were fighting to get a car, on another side a lot of DeLorean for sale were gathered in parking lots.

DeLorean Contradictions

The original car design had indeed been revolutionary, and that was what had sold the British government on it, but the DeLorean for sale that went into production was quite different. The differences were camouflaged by media bluff and bluster. Tales of 30000 preorders for the car were just that. Initial reviews from the motoring media were at best lukewarm. The car was considered underpowered for its class, the components were standard. The gullwing doors and aluminum structure were captivating, but it was all style over substance.

DeLorean – rear view

Rumors abounded of shoddy construction. John blamed the U.S. recession for poor sales. However, the Corvette, which the new car was supposed to blow out of the water, was selling like hotcakes at the time.

As the DeLorean for sale piled up in dealerships and dioxide's, so did the financial losses of the 80 900 cars produced, fewer than half sold. 

Margaret Thatcher and the conservatives had replaced the Labor government in 1979, she despised John DeLorean and his project.

Original DeLorean for sale – interior

The IRA prisoner’s hunger strike of 1981 had turned Northern Ireland into a tinderbox. Pulling the plug on DeLorean was seen as putting a match to the tinder. John had Thatcher over a barrel and gleefully extracted another 20 million pounds. Everyone knew it was going to a company that was doomed. The factory went into receivership in February 1982. Then, in October 1982, the British government seized the factory and placed it into liquidation following a bombshell no one saw coming.

DeLorean had been arrested in a Los Angeles airport hotel and charged by the FBI with taking part in a plot to smuggle 100 kilograms of cocaine.

The drugs had a street value of 50 million dollars. US Justice Department officials claimed that DeLorean was making a last-minute effort to raise the money needed to save his bankrupt car company in Northern Ireland. John would later be acquitted of the charges, probably rightly. But if nothing else, it gave an insight into his character or lack of it. Further insights came when the government attempted to unravel the liquidated factory.

  • These interesting facts are a part of the story of any DeLorean for sale.

DeLorean had contracted Colin Chapman of Lotus fame to finish the design and engineering in two years, while the most car makers set aside six. DeLorean bribed him, offering to split the 6.5 million pounds of private investor’s money between the two of them. He channeled his half through offshore accounts. Chapman died before he could be called to account for what happened to his half taxpayer’s money. He was also swindled in the same web of complex transfers that would eventually end up in John’s private interests.

John DeLorean in the DMC 12

On September the 21st, 1985, DeLorean was indicted on charges that he defrauded investors and committed tax evasion by diverting millions of dollars raised for the company to himself. He was acquitted of all charges. Jurors had apparently misunderstood the judge’s instructions and failed to declare a hung jury. DeLorean by now claiming to be a born Christian, played the role of the persecuted saint as he walked free. He spent the rest of his life in relative anonymity and luxury, never suffering any legal or financial penalty for his wrongdoings.

DeLorean for sale nowadays

It seems clear that if you embarrass the right people thoroughly enough, they will be prepared to make just about anything go away. His legacy in the U.S. seems unencumbered by memories of his wrongdoing, the same can’t be said in the U.K.

As for the DeLorean for sale you can find on the market, it still retains a dedicated following, boosted by the Back to the Future movie and other occasional Hollywood appearances. Spare parts were originally available, although these are dwindling over time, still admired for their design.

New DeLorean for sale

It will always be an enduring curiosity. It is perhaps unfortunate that it will also always bear the name of the corrupt and shady character who brought it to life.

The dream, still possible to find today if you’re looking for a DeLorean for sale.