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Rising Ferrari Testarossa prices

Rising Ferrari Testarossa prices

A few years ago you can get a Ferrari Testarossa for $40 000. Today, the average asking price for a Testarossa on the American market is over $160 000. And the price is only going up. Today I’m going to show you why.

Ferrari Testarossa first impression

This particular Testarossa I’m writing about is a 1987 model. I’m going to show you all its interesting quirks, everything unusual about the Testarossa that makes it such a unique car.

Before you even get inside with the key now, the key in Ferrari Testarossa looks like a normal, regular everyday key, except that it folds. This may seem strange to you, but people are complaining that when they were driving the car, the key would hit their knees. So when you’re driving the car, turn it on, and then you can fold it to keep it away from your knees and give yourself a little bit more room. We’re still not in the car.

Ferrari Testarossa

Now, the next unusual thing is the doors. You don’t see a door handle here. That’s because Ferrari Testarossa has hidden the door handles inside these really 80s style side straits. So you got to reach under the strait and open the door. You got to know where the door handle is before you can even enter the car. Now, the strange thing is they went to all the trouble to hide the door handle, but they didn’t bother to hide the keyhole. It just sits there. And then we have the door side.

The craziest thing about the door side straits isn’t how they look when the door is closed, but rather how they look when the doors open. It looks like the door has a giant hole in it.

Getting inside of the Ferrari Testarossa

Now we’re still getting in the Ferrari Testarossa and, when you open the door, the seatbelt slides all the way down the pillar to give you room to get inside.

So you get inside and you shut the door and guess what happens next? Bill slides back now there’s still a lap belt that you have to buckle in once you’re inside. And that gives you a 3-point seat belt with this part being automatic. Now, once you’re sitting down, time to adjust the seat and you’ll find the seat controls right here, 3 unlabeled switches and you have no idea what they do until you start playing with them.

Now, we’re still not completely inside Ferrari Testarossa and we’re still discovering crazy quirks:

  • For example, there’s no ashtray in the Ferrari Testarossa central console. Instead, there’s one in each door. You flip it up and there you go.
  • The craziest part is when the headlights are on, there’s a little light inside the ashtray. So you always know where to put your cigarette, even if it’s dark outside.

What about the headlights? Ferrari Testarossa is a sports car from the 80s. So, to turn on the headlights is a little switch inside, and there they are, they pop right up and since I’m in the front of the car, I might as well demonstrate one of my favorite features about the Testarossa, the horn.

Ferrari Testarossa

Now we talk about some of my favorite interior details of this thing. For example, the 2 latches down here, one of them opens the rear hood, one of them opens the front hood. Neither are labeled. They just have the Ferrari horse on them. And the other crazy thing about this is the parking brake is located down here right now. The parking brake is on because you can put it on and then put it down so that you have no problem getting in and out of the car.

That isn’t my favorite thing about the parking brake, though. My favorite thing about the parking brake. It doesn’t actually clear the driver’s seat. These are Italian automobiles of the ’80s.

Next, we move to the center console, which is composed of many confusing buttons with a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. My personal favorite button the one, which inexplicably looks like a file folder. Press it and it opens the glove box, which contains a giant mirror. Even more hilarious are the window switches there, not side by side, like in a normal car, but rather on top of each other. So you don’t know which is which.

Ferrari Testarossa

And the images on the switches don’t help because both switches show the same door. But there is one difference.

  1. The bottom switch, the white part of the image is on the top and the switch on top.
  2. The white part of the image is on the bottom. I have no idea why. And then there’s the best part.
  3. Push the window, switch up, and guess what? That’s right.
  4. The window of the Ferrari Testarossa rolls down.

Now, all of that is kind of funny, but it’s not the most ridiculous thing about the windows.

And go back inside for more weirdness. The dome light isn’t fixed, push the button to turn on the dome light and you can attempt to shine light anywhere in the cabin where you need it most. Moving on to the headlight controls, which are truly insane. The longer stock controls the headlights, the turn signals are the other stock. They’re separate, but the weirdness doesn’t end there. You want to turn on the parking lights for that, you’ll have to go to the center console for the fog lights.

Of course, they are. On the ceiling of this Ferrari Testarossa :)

I also love the weird climate controls, which are like a Ferrari Testarossa center console. You push one and the other comes up. There’s also the bizarre climate control switches, which apparently direct air using these cryptic labels in this 80s style airflow meter. Now, one of the other interesting things about this car. There is a spare tire located inside the front trunk, which is nice and handy and useful and kind of unusual for a sports car like Ferrari Testarossa.

Other Testarossa’s strange things

But the spare is a little strange. You’ll notice how wide the front tire is. The spare, on the other hand, is quite a bit narrower. It’s like a bicycle tire. But the weirdest thing about the spare is to look at how much the wheel sticks out the wheel beyond the spare is almost as wide as the spare itself. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Speaking of wheels, another interesting thing about these wheels. You’ll notice there are no lug nuts like a normal car instead to take these wheels off.

Central console of the Ferrari Testarossa

You got this thing, you stick it in there, you get it nice and tight, and then you got a hammer and you start hammering away if you want to take the wheel and you just hope you don’t hit any of the car’s bodywork.

Now, another crazy exterior thing. One of my favorite things about this car is that the rear of the Ferrari Testarossa is actually wider than the front. Think about that. And any other normal automobile, the rear of the car in the front of the car, the same with the maybe the rear is even a little bit narrower, but not in this one. The result is that just because you clear something in the front of the car doesn’t mean you’ll clear it in the back.

So the Ferrari Testarossa is weird and quirky. And while you may find some of those quirks to be annoying or strange, it’s part of the charm of an Italian car. And yes, all of that stuff, all of those weird quirks are contributing to this car’s rise in value.

But they’re not the only thing. There’s also what’s under the hood, a 390 hp, 4.90-liter V12. Unlike most other V12 powered Ferrari models, the Testarossa do 0 to 60 mph in 5.2 seconds.

And the engine is hooked to a desirable manual transmission. No pedals here. So the Ferrari Testarossa seems pretty appealing on paper, and it’s loaded with a lot of cool Italian car charm and weird quirks. But there are two other very important things that are contributing to its rise in value. One is obviously its styling. When I look at this car today, I can’t believe there was ever a time when it was so cheap because it looks so exotic, so special, so wide and so low.

Those side straits, those rear hips, even when it's not read, this car is truly breathtaking. When you think of an exotic car, the Ferrari Testarossa is exactly what you think of it looks like nothing else on the road today. And it also drives like nothing else on the road today.

The clutch is directly below the horn and the gas pedal. The gas pedal is about is over under the air conditioning in the middle. This will be an interesting experience, but because of this offset, now my leg is in the middle. It’s right where the selector is, all this battalion’s long arms, short legs, and low standard. All right, you know, around these quarters, this car blows me away how much it feels like a go-cart.

I know how wide this car is and I don’t think how heavy it is, but because it doesn’t have power steering when you move around corners… So, you can imagine…

The other thing about it is because the motor and all the stuff is back there. You are so far forward in this car and it’s so low to the ground, you really feel like you’re in a go-cart, which is amazing because this car is huge.

Ferrari Testarossa interior

I noticed going over bumps the right quality, and that’s something you got to put up with the gear changes are just so sweet with the transmission. This is a subject of endless debate because a lot of people don’t like it because it requires you to be very precise. But I think it’s cool. I love how far out the mirrors on the mirrors are wildly small, which is just inappropriate. However, they’re really far out, so you can see pretty much what you need to see.

Ferrari Testarossa is reasonably good. Actually, that’s one of the strange things, is that the cover on the hood actually robbed me of a little bit of visibility directly behind me. That is unbelievably nice. No, it is just beautiful. Which isn’t as bad as I was expecting it to be. It’s not as bad as that, but I recently drove a long string of speeds. You just want to know.

I mean, I just can’t park. I just can’t imagine parallel parking of this thing. And then you get a crowd coming in here, and you’re doing you’re fighting the steering wheel.

Ferrari Testarossa not as bad as a new 911. Well, you know, this Ferrari gives you the most incredible view. I mean, I look in the mirror and I see those white fenders and this is the coolest thing.

This Ferrari is an Experience

It is the best part, you can have fun with Ferrari Testarossa at any speed, and that’s cool. Not every car is like this, but most cars on this thing are for people who want to just have the craziest, they’re smiling because of what they’re doing, not because of how fast they’re going. How precisely? Usually when I’m driving this Ferrari thinking about 5 or more minutes, then I’m going to footage into this timeline and stay a little longer.

Ferrari Testarossa

I mean, I guess the whole point is one of these things is increasing fairly well. And the experience is unrivaled in what I think people should understand. Competitors getting faster and faster and more advanced and more advanced, but they don’t quite offer this whole visceral thrill. They don’t put off the ability to do to feel this way.

It’s just a different experience and a much better one.

So the Ferrari Testarossa has a highly unique, amazing driving experience that isn’t even slightly neutered.

Like most modern cars, it’s styling is distinctive, ridiculous, wild. You will never confuse it with anything else. It’s powerful, it’s fast. It’s exciting, enjoyable to drive. It’s full of weird Italian car quirks and Italian car charm.

Testarossa drive video by Harry’s Garage

Of course, its value has shot up. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody. And I predict that someday all car enthusiasts will be sitting around talking about how you used to be able to buy a Ferrari Testarossa for only $160 000.