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Porsche 944 prices

Porsche 944 prices

Porsche 944 prices are up. What is the bubble about to burst? The Porsche 944, it’s fun to drive an incredible handling car, but it’s been undervalued for a while.

Let’s face it, Porsche 944 doesn’t have a ton of power by today’s standards, but they handle like they’re on rails like almost nothing else, especially from that era. And it seems that people are catching on to just how great this Porsche is.

Reasons why Porsche 944 prices are up

And because of this, prices are up. According to Hagerty’s valuation tool, over the last 3 years across the board, Porsche 944 prices have risen. And here are 3 reasons why. Porsche 944 values are heading notch.

Porsche 944
  • Reason number one – the analog driving experience in the earliest cars.

You don’t even get power steering. It’s not till much later that you even get antilock brakes with a Porsche 944. It’s you and the car and you are only as good as a car.
There is pretty much no computer stuff. You have some early electronic management for the fuel injection system, but you don’t have the computers and sensors all over the car as you do in more modern cars. This driving experience is something you can’t get anymore. Other cars that are in a similar era have a similar driving experience. A lot of them have already gone up so much in value that the average person just can’t afford it.

Porsche 944
  • And here’s the reason number two, there’s simple to work on Porsche 944.

More complicated than some older cars when you compare it to our modern cars. You can still work on it. They’re still distributer, they’re still sparkplugs that you can get to. There’s an oil dipstick, a lot of new cars don’t even have a dipstick anymore. Most things are mechanical. Still on the floor for sure. What the turbo you’ve got the turbocharger, the water cooler things of that nature. So those are a little bit more work to work on, which that’s what happens with the Turbo.

I owned a 944 for five years. The car gave me zero trouble other than trying to catch itself on fire once. But that was because of a wire that someone else had messed with. A wire had come on done around the clutch and it went and hit the clutch pedal and I saw a bunch of smoke. That’s not a good thing, but a little softer and some heat shrink, and that was all done. A backyard mechanic can work on these cars.

Relatively speaking, compared to other portions of the vintage and other modern Porsche’s, the prices of parts aren’t that expensive. Many of them you can get from Audi, or VW. If you’re smart, you can get the same part. That was a Volkswagen part. Really, just a couple of things that I had to replace. That wasn’t that hard a job between oil changes.

And I had a few wiring issues where needed to replace some old wiring because it was an old car. The biggest thing with the wiring was the fan for the radiator failed to come on. So if you are sitting in traffic, you would see the temperature spike. So once that was fixed and the radiator fan came back on, all was good.

Porsche 944
  • And here’s the reason number three, the prices of air-cooled Porsches.

Porsches 911, 914, 912 market is crazy. I’ve seen Porsche 912 which used to be not that expensive, going for $76 000. Porsche 914 – these used to be a bargain basement. Yes, you can still get some good prices on them, but many of the Porsche 914 are getting $20 000 plus. Anything you have to worry about on these vintage 911, or 914 is the rust.

Rust is not as big an issue at the Porsche 944 because of the galvanized steel that was used. 

Stop to look for rust, especially in the battery trade and under the wheel arches. It’s not as big an issue as it was in the earlier cars. I don’t get me started on the prices of the 911 SC, which are through the roof. 5-10 years ago you can get 911 easily for under $20 000 or so. Now you are lucky to find one around $40 000.

I’ve seen a couple for $35k, but their salvage titles. So that’s the reason why Porsche 944 prices are up. The driving experience, the fact that you can’t get anything, another Porsche like it. And if you go for a 944 Turbo the performance is very good, even in a straight line. But no matter what Porsche 944 you have. Go find a canyon road and it is incredible to drive. So is the current market, but is it a bubble about to burst?

Porsche 944 interior

And unfortunately, I have to say, I do feel like this may be a bubble.

I think over time Porsche 944 prices will continue to rise. 

I think if you buy one now and you sell it in ten, fifteen, twenty years, you’re not going to lose money on the deal. However, if you buy it now and you want to sell it within five years, there’s a good chance you will lose money.

Will 944 prices continue to rise?

Even so, try to watch the Porsche 944 market, try to see how the trend is going. Keep an eye on it. It may not be the best time to buy right now. That might be in a year or two, but I could be totally wrong and it could be a skyrocket. You just never know. It’s all just a feeling. It’s a bit like the stock market. No one knows what’s going to happen and there’s not really insider trading.

Porsche 944 engine

So I can’t get to a better view. One thing that helps, especially with the 944 turbos. If you’re looking for one, the Turbo S is kind of the sweet spot. If you can find one at a reasonable price. These things are normally going for auction. Sometimes as much, I’ve seen them at auction for $80 000, and sometimes that is a little exaggerated because other Porsche’s that were more expensive were at the same auction. So everyone’s spending $200 000 and suddenly something comes up for an $80k doesn’t seem so bad. I think, in the long run, a 944 is a safe bet, it’s a fun car. If you don’t make money, that’s it, at least you have a fun car. Something fun to drive that has an 80s cool factor and pop up headlights. You just don’t find cars with pop up headlights anymore. The government’s going to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Porsche 944 Buyer Guide

Is the current value of the Porsche 944 just a bubble in the market or do you think the 944 is a safe bet? If you know anyone that’s in the market for a vintage sports car, make sure to share this information about Porsche 944 with them.