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MG Midget Mk-3 Review

MG Midget Mk-3 Review

Just take a moment to share how small MG Midget is. It’s like a little toy car and the front is barely even above your waist. It’s noticeably short to be bargains next to any modern car.

Mark III

You'll notice how very small MG Midget is. 

Particularly, this MG Midget is a Mark III with round arch wheels. Well, we’ve got the 1970s British Leyland style rims. They’re actually pressed steel, even though they might look like alloy rims. Despite such a great look, believe, they are simple steel rims. It’s a second style of the star that they had. I reckon these ones look best. And at the front, we have a matte black MG corporate grill, it’s got this little hexagonal symbol on the front.

MG Midget Mark III

I think it looks good, but again, a lot of people would say that chrome is the one that you wanted. Finally, it’s all pretty much standard MG Midget. The important thing to notice, though, by this time, we’ve got a decent roof that goes down with a bit of a fiddle, but it goes up much more easily than the earlier MG Midget cars. I think most of the time in the UK you will be keeping it up today, though, because of the weather.

When it comes to sports cars, smaller is normally better. And what could be smaller than an MG Midget? 

Well, of course, that was the fall guy. It’s great that came before it, and indeed, this guy’s sister, the Austin Healey Sprite, they came out in 1961 and they featured such refinements as a bootleg and upon it, that was far more convenient to open. But don’t be mistaken. This guy is still very simple and very light. You can see that much in the fact that the bonnet flexes under its own weight.

MG Midget

This MG Midget is one of the later models, so we have even more modern touches, such as wind-up windows, which come in very handy because the heater is so strong. Even without the fan, I need ventilation that came with them up to, I believe, 1964. So we’ve also got toggle switches for things like automatically returning wipers. The older cars had the whole metal toggle switches, but we’ve got this beautifully trimmed autumn leaf interior and it goes really nicely with the white.

MG Midget on the outside

We’ve got a full speed, no overdrive, and we have a total of 65, not 75 hp engine. So maybe not quite as exotic specification and still punchy. Though, listening to the engine, we’re going uphill.

The steering is really nice, quite sharp. And you can imagine on the earlier cars with Corsetti suspension, they would have been a very sharp thing indeed. It gives you a better ride in the back. It’s a great way to enjoy the British sports car motoring.

You may struggle to get your luggage in. We’re not missing that 10 horsepower. There are many interesting things inside of this MG Midget as well. Though there are some exterior details at this later Midget you will call features, and I think.

MG Midget prices and alternatives

At least to some of you, maybe Mg Midget could be with wire wheel rims. So if you’re interested, but how much?

For 4 to 5 thousand pounds, you’ll get you a decent one Mg Midget, if you want a really nice one.

And some Mg Midgets can be even more expensive than that. It can often depend on spec. But at the end of the day, you can change in your Midget whatever you want because the aftermarket is out there. There’s a whole range of things like this lovely steering wheel or telescopic dumpers, which a lot of people tend to do.

MG Midget story by the Big Car Channel

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a small British sports car of this era, there’s not really much out there other than the Sprite that fits the bill. There is also the Triumph Spitfire, but it’s a bit bigger and it features decadent things like overdrive and hardtops. You maybe don’t want any of that.

All in all, if you are looking for a great little British sports car, the MG Midget is an obvious choice.